Breed specialty 25.07.20
14 months old

Pecassa's Dare To Dance SBIS NJV- 2020

Goggen-The flying Cavalier

Norwegian Champion

Norwegian Winner 2022

Norwegian Kennel Club breed Winner of 2021 

Norwegian Winner 2021 

Norwegian Vice Winner 2020 

Norwegian Junior Winner 2020 

Specialty Best In Show Winner 

Specialty Best In Show Junior Winner x 2

Best In Group Winner and Best In Show placed at all breed show 

Nr 1 Cavalier 2021

Nr 1 male 2021

Nr 1 Male 2020 

Nr 1 tricolour all years In His life 

Nr 1 Junior 2020

Nr 2 top winning Cavalier all colours both sexes 2020 , only beaten by his halfsister Nellup on the finishline

17 Best of breed

9 Best opposite

6 CACIB Norway

2 CACIB Denmark

5 Nordic CC/CAC

Born 29.04.2019

Full ECVO clear 

Heart clear 04.05.2022

Patella 0/0 

DNA clear by parents

 SM clear by MRI after age 3 

CM 1 

PSOM clear by MRI after age 3

Venteichles Perfect by MRI after age 3

Pecassa only consider stud requests from mri scanned bitches. They dont Need to have 0 But we must know what we breed. Also heart, patella,, ECVO, dna must be tested for the Bitch you ask for. 

Exceptions for countries that doesnt have mri available


Some Show results:


15 x Best of breed

8 x Best of opposite

Best In Show Winner at breed specialty 25.07.20 

Best In Show junior at breed specialty 25.07.20 and 26.07.2020

BIS puppy 5 all breed show

Best In group 1 Winner puppy at all breed show

Norwegian Junior Winner 2020

Nr 1 top winning male 2020

Nr 1 top winning tricolour 2020

Nr 1 top winning junior 2020

Norwegian Winner 2021 

Nr 1 Cavalier 2021

Nr 2 top winning Cavalier all colours both sexes 2020 

CACIB Norway and Denmark 


Nordic CC

Res. Nordic CC




13 October 2019, judge Roknic Zoran from Serbia. Best of breed puppy, Best of group nr 1, Shortlisted Best In Show puppy nr 5. This was his first show 5,5 months old

09.02.20 judge Zorica Blomqvist, BOB Junior, Best male 2, CC/CAC

25.07.20 Breed specialty : BEST IN SHOW, Best In Show junior, CC and now fully certified.

26.07.20 Best male 2, Best junior male, offered CC but can not receive because he is fully certified. Breed specialty.

15.08.20 Norwegian Winner Show. Best junior male, Norwegian Junior Winner 2020 title. Best male 2, offered CC, but can not receive because he is fully certified

05.06.21 He becomes New Norwegian Champion, CC, Res CACIB

24.07.21 Best of breed, Mona Selbach

25.07.21 Best of breed, Eli Marie Klepp

14.08.21 Best opposite sex Marit Sunde

15.08.21 Best of breed Eli Marie Klepp

21.08.21 Best of breed, Norwegian Winner 2021, Marit Sunde

05.09.21 Best of breed, CACIB, Judge Albrigtsen, Gunilla

25.09.21 Best of Breed, Judge Borchorst, Ingrid

09.10.21 Best of breed, Judge Siv Sandø

16.10.21 Best oppodute sex, breed specialty, Judge Elisabeth Juverud 

12.11.21, Denmark Herning, CACIB, 2 Best Male, res CC, Judge Antoan J. Hlebarov

14.11. 21 Denmark Herning, CACIB, Judge Sóley R. Ragnarsdóttir

20.03.22 NKK Kristiansand, Best of breed, CACIB, Crufts qualification 2023

16.04.22 Vikersund, Best of breed

17.04.22 Vikersund, Best of breed 

01.05.22 NKK NORDIC Ålesund, Best of breed 

Goggen showing Perfect movement

2,5 years

3 years

2 years

2,5 years

BEST IN SHOW, 1 year old