5,5 mths old

Pecassa's Shining Alfa Centauri

Born 06.02.2019

Sm clear 01.03.2022

PSOM clear 01.03.2022

Ventrichles Perfect 01.03.2022

Heart clear 10.05.20

ECVO /eyes 08.02.20, clear for breeding 

Patella 0/0 10.05.20



Pecassa only consider stud requests from mri scanned bitches. They dont Need to have 0 But we must know what we breed. Also heart, patella,, ECVO, dna must be tested for the Bitch you ask for. 

Exceptions for countries that doesnt have mri available



Some shows:

03.09.22 NKK STAVANGER, Excellent, CQ, Judge Torunn Sørbye

24.08.19 Bø, BOB, Best of breed puppy, judge Marie Petersen 

25.08.19 Bø, BOB, Best of breed puppy, judge Per Kristian Andersen 

13 mths

2 years

2 yeard

13 mths

13 mths