Breed specialty 25.07.20
14 months old

Pecassa's Dare To Dance SBIS NJV- 2020

Born 29.04.2019

Heart clear 10.05.20

Patella 0/0 10.05.20

DNA clear by parents

 Norwegian Junior Winner 2020

Nr 1 male 2020

Nr 1 tricolour 2020

Nr 1 junior 2020

 Some show results :

13 October 2019, judge Roknic Zoran from Serbia. Best of breed puppy, Best of group nr 1, Shortlisted Best In Show puppy nr 5. This was his first show 5,5 months old

09.02.20 judge Zorica Blomqvist, BOB Junior, Best male 2, CC/CAC

25.07.20 Breed specialty : BEST IN SHOW, Best In Show junior, CC and now fully certified.

26.07.20 Best male 2, Best junior male, offered CC but can not receive because he is fully certified. Breed specialty.

15.08.20 Norwegian Winner Show. Best junior male, Norwegian Junior Winner 2020 title. Best male 2, offered CC, but can not receive because he is fully certified 

Baby Goggen

13,5 months

23,5 months