Gaining Helsinki Veteran Winner 2019 & Finnish Veteran Winner 2019 in Helsinki Finland December 2019

PL JCH PL Champion FI Champion Norwegian Champion, Finnish Veteran Winner 2019, Nordic Veteran Winner 2019, Helsinki Veteran Winner 2019, Norwegian Veteran Winner 2020 Armenos Cavalierlandia El Pol Norslaw Ramotto

Born 07.05.2011

Heart clear certificate 18. 06.2020

Eyes tested clear august 2019

Patella 0/0 tested May 2018

Curly coat/dry eye clear

EFS- carrier

Sperm quality tested with result Highest quality

Last litter June 2020

As a young adult

Multiple BOB winner

Multi Champion

Multiple BIS Veteran Winner at breed specialties 



Norwegian Champion 

Finnish Champion 

Finnish Veteran Winner 2019 

Helsinki Veteran Winner 2019 

Nordic Veteran Winner 2019 

Norwegian Veteran Winner 2020 

Nr 1 Veteran 2020

Nr 1 blenheim male 2020

Nr 2 male 2020


Super healthy, highly awarded male that sires repeteadly high quality offspring❤️

His son Lynet

Hos son Lynet, he also has his own Page here. Champion, miltiwinner Pecassa's Mr. Stroke Of Lightning

Mr.Ramotowski med Armenos

As a youngster

9 years old on the picture

Gaining Nordic Veteran Winner 2019 in Stockholm December 2019

A Mænos puppy

A Mænos puppy