Pecassa's MakeMe Limitless
Born 28.05.2017
13 months

BOB puppy 30.09.2017
2'nd Best Puppy 15.10.2017
2'nd Best Puppy 24.02.2018

13 months

N DK UCH Pecassa's MakeMe Limitless

Heart ok 28.05.2018

Patella clear

Eyes clear

DNA clear




25.05.19 Breed Specialty top entry 78 cavaliers, judges Maxine Fox-Shone and Gordon Inglis, specialists in the breed! 

26.05.18 Breed Specialty Judge Lorraine Huges, Excellent, CQ, Best Bitch 4, BIS JUNIOR

27.05.18 Breed Specialty Judge Caroline Gibson, Excellent, CQ, BIG CC, Best Bitch 2,BIS JUNIOR

23.06.18 Best Bitch 2, RCC, BOB junior- judge Daniela Risdan

24.06.18 Best Bitch 3 RCC  BOB junior, judge Ragna Soley Ragnarsdottir

07.07.18 Best Bitch 3 RCC, judge Marie Butler

12.98.18 WORLD DOG SHOW IN AMSTERDAM ,, Excellent and shortlisted in a junior group of 19 ENTRIES! Judge breed specialist Michael Leonard

18.08.18 Internationale Norway Lillehammer  Excellent 1 and CQ, 4 Best Bitch and Best of Breed junior. Judge Robert Lamont

25.08.18 Bø, RCC, judge Arne Foss

26.08.18 Bø, CC/CAC, BEST of breed junior  2 Best Bitch  judge Olena Fezenko

22.06.19 In Denmark, Best opposite sex, CC/CAC, Danish Nordic CC/CAC, judge Tartaro Paolo

28.07.19 Skudeneshavn, Norsk Lhasa Apso klubb, judge Vasileios Aspromatis, CC, New Norwegian Champion & Danish Champion 👏👏👏

13 months