Gaining Swedish Champion title in Stockholm 14.12.19

2 years❤️

N SV UCH NJV-18 NORDJV-18 Pecassa's MakeMe Unforgettable

Born 28.05.2017 

Heart ok

Patella c0/0

Eyes clear

DNA clear

15.10.2017 BOB puppy  with honours price BIG 3

24.02.18 BOB puppy with honours price BIG 4

07.04.2018 judge Ragnar Hjort. First time shown as ADULT, 10 mths


07.07.18 CQ, CC/CAC  BEST JUNIOR, Best Bitch 2, best tri Bitch, judge Marie Butler

08.07.18 BOB, BOB junior Best tri, CC /CAC but fully certified and give it to the next bitch, judge Bengt-Åkre Bogren

25.08.18 BOS (CC/CAC but fully certified and give it to the next dog), BOB junior - Bø- judge Arne Foss

16.11.18 Nordic Junior Winner 2018! BOB junior, Best tricolour and Best Bitch 4, judge Ashley Reid

18.11.18 Norwegian Junior winner 2018! Judge Gitte Finnich Pedersen

23.02.19  BOS, CC/CAC, but fully certified and give it to the next dog. Judge Beattie Colm.

27.07.2019 BOS, CC and New Norwegian Champion! Judge John Muldoon Irland

24.08.19 Bø, BOS, judge Marie Petersen 

25.08.19 Bø, BOS, judge Per Kristian Andersen

13 October 2019, judge Roknic Zoran from Serbia - Best opposite sex

14.12.19, judge Anne Livø Buvik, CC/CAC, NEW SWEDISH CHAMPION

09.02.20 judge Ernestas Balsiukas, Best opposite sex. BOB tricolour 

27 months

17 months, winning Nordic Junior Winner 2018 on a friday under judge Ashley Reid. Sunday winning Norwegian Junior winner 2018 under judge Gitte Finnich Pedersen!